Learning that Connects

Educurious® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to fundamentally transform the K-12 education experience.

Our vision is an effective education system in which young people learn in meaningful and inspiring ways and classrooms are a place they want to be.

Our goal is to cultivate curious, motivated young people who are ready for college and tomorrow's careers. The Educurious learning experience is the path to getting there.

Our integrated solution captures the imagination and interest of students. By combining project-based learning, technology, and connections with real-world experts, we create a meaningful learning experience that cultivates contemporary skills.

We deliver next-generation learning experiences that:

  • Increase students' self-confidence as they solve real problems and see the results.
  • Expand students' career possibilities by connecting them to renowned experts.
  • Equip students with the communication and technology skills they need for college and their careers.
  • Shift the role of students from passive learners to active collaborators, problem solvers, and contributors.
  • Incorporate the technologies students use every day through our blended learning model.
  • Reposition teachers as guides and facilitators to transform their classrooms into learning communities.

Student Voices

Educurious in Action

Writing About Science

Rebecca Skloot, a science writer, talks about the strategies she uses to bring scientific concepts to life.

The Educurious Expert Network

See how our experts help students rediscover the joy of learning.

Cleaning Up Environmental Pollution

Meg Pinza, an environmental consultant, connects the dots between contaminants in the environment and in our bodies.