Supporting the Power of Great Teaching

At Educurious, we believe in the power of great teaching. We also understand the tremendous challenges that teachers face in the classroom, and we’re here to help.

We serve as an active ally—providing a combination of technology and educational tools that not only enrich the student experience, but also help educators reclaim the excitement and purpose that first attracted them to teaching.

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Equipping Teachers for 21st-Century Success

Educurious provides the professional development for teachers to make full use of our proven approach to 21st-century learning. We plan professional development and ongoing support based on a range of student and teacher outcome data that enables us to put what we learn into practice.

Our blended approach to professional development uses online technology to build a community of deep and wide support that includes:

  • Training: We combine face-to-face (f2f) gatherings with an online community (ePLN) that meets every two weeks. A weekly newsfeed prepares teachers for the week ahead. We also host discussion boards and provide virtual instructional coaching.
  • Learning communities: Educurious has an active online network of teachers who share instructional practices, student work, and adaptations to Educurious units.
  • Implementation and ongoing support: Educurious is dedicated to the success of every partnering school and district. We align our support resources with local needs and pave the way for teachers to implement Educurious effectively.
  • Leadership development: Educurious creates new opportunities for teachers as leaders. We prepare teachers to lead the instructional approach.

Join us in supporting our nation’s teachers for success in educating America’s next generation. For more information about our professional development services, please contact us at

Educurious in Action

Writing About Science

Writing About Science

Rebecca Skloot, a science writer, talks about the strategies she uses to bring scientific concepts to life.

The Impact of Educurious

The Educurious Expert Network

See how our experts help students rediscover the joy of learning.

Cleaning Up Environmental Pollution

Cleaning Up Environmental Pollution

Meg Pinza, an environmental consultant, connects the dots between contaminants in the environment and in our bodies.

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Educurious is making a difference to thousands of students across the country.

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