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Together with teachers, students, and education leaders around the country, we are seeing the results of our work—and what we see promises to change education and our world:

  • Educurious students gain lifelong learning skills essential to success in a fast-changing, globally competitive world—skills such as collaboration and persistence.
  • Students improve on academic achievement tests by an average of 15 percent within the first year of our program.
  • We see an eagerness to learn in students, sparked by deep engagement in a topic with the motivation and curiosity to study and succeed in learning that topic.
  • Professionals now have a scalable way to give back to education that is meaningful and inspiring.
  • Equally important, we see an authentic transformation in the classroom that promises this model "sticks" and will be implemented in additional classrooms, schools, and districts.

Learn more about the research behind the Educurious integrated solution below, and discover the inspiring outcomes of students and teachers who have partnered with us.

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Educurious units are built to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and are based on research related to how, why, and where people learn.


The Educurious learning experience is transformational. Educurious students gain lifelong learning skills that help them succeed and adapt in a fast-changing, globally competitive world.


Students express new excitement about their futures and career possibilities, and educators report that Educurious students are more engaged and dig deeper into course material.

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Educurious is making a difference to thousands of students across the country.

Together, we can create a 21st-century education that keeps students engaged and in high school—gaining the critical skills for success in college, careers, and life. Let us help you transform your classroom today.
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